96af299 (skills) skill: All my technical skills


87175c2 (skill/golang) skill: Use golang professionally


When Toon moved to the Gitaly team his day-to-day programming language changed from Ruby to Golang.

82f3ab3 (skill/c) skill: Learning about the Git source code


Interest in the Git[1] project kept growing, Toon wanted to be involved in that project. Toon participated on the mailing list and when he was getting into SHA256 support[2] he managed to get his first changes merged.

[1]: git-scm.com [2]: git-scm.com/docs/hash-function-transition

d081774 (skill/postgres) skill: PostgreSQL database performance reviews


There was a need for people to review changes related to database use. It was then Toon stepped forward and dove deep into PostgreSQL and became [1] a database maintainer responsible of reviewing merge requests that make changes to how the database is used, and ensure those changes work at scale.

[1]: gitlab.com/gitlab-com/www-gitlab-com/-/issues/4710

d592277 skill: Programming in Golang


Because GitLab uses Golang for a few components, Toon started to learn about Go. He wrote some tools to learn about the language.

1d05764 (skill/ruby) skill: Backend with in Ruby


Most of the GitLab codebase is written in Ruby. While working in the GitLab Platform team, Toon dealed a lot with background workers powered by Sidekiq[1].

[1]: sidekiq.org

40f5e88 skills: End of using Obj-C


After leaving 10to1 Toon never touched Obj-C again. No problem, because Swift was on the rise anyway.

bfa7363 (skill/web) skill: GitLab web development


During the interview process Toon was tasked to build a button (and backend code) to delete all branches that are merged into the default branch[1]. This change made him get the job and also was awarded as MVP for GitLab 8.14.

More of that work would follow once he was hired.

[1]: about.gitlab.com/releases/2016/11/22/gitlab-8-14-released/#delete-all-merged-branches

9b120dd skill: First experience with PostgreSQL


At 10to1 the first experience was gained with the awesome RDBMS PostgreSQL. Thanks to the friendly and skilled colleagues, Toon learned about things like proper Index practices, Enumerated Types, Materialized Views, and more.

5ed2e04 skill: Use Ruby professionally


After playing around with Ruby in his free time, Toon finally got an opportunity to work with those technologies professionally.

f433428 (skill/obj-c) skill: Use Obj-C professionally


Some projects at 10to1 involved building applications for iOS devices.

3a57e61 skill: Build websites professionally


The job at 10to1 also involved frontend work, mostly HTML and CSS. Although we mostly used static HTML with Ruby on Rails there was also one project where Ember.js.

e829876 skill: Mobile development with Objective-C


After teaching himself Ruby, Toon wanted to get into mobile app development for iOS. So he picked up a book from The Big Nerd Ranch and learned app development with Objective-C.

He once pitched a mobile app at his employer, with a working prototype, but there wasn't any interest because they opted for a web app instead.

f9a9597 skill: Advanced C++ course


After a few years Toon got the opportunity to follow a three-day Advanced C++ course. This was really insightful to learn about the internals of iterators and traits and what not.

C++11 was around the corner, and there was plenty exciting stuff coming to the language.

3e68f6e skill: Programming in Ruby


While working with C++ all day, Toon grew an interest in Ruby and started playing around with it in his free time.

38d1aa4 skill: Use C/C++ professionally


At his first job Toon worked in C++. His job was building software for an embedded Linux payment terminal device. These applications were written in C++, but his job also involved bits of plain C when working on GNU/Linux kernel drivers.

953a905 skill: Programming in C++


C++ was the first real programming language Toon was thaught in school. A pretty advanced language to get started with, but it thaught him a lot about programming in general.

c941206 skill: Web development with HTML & CSS


Around this time, or maybe earlier, Toon started to build websites. Nothing exciting yet, mostly small projects for fun and friends. The interest in web technology never went away since.

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