82f3ab3 (skill/c) skill: Learning about the Git source code


Interest in the Git[1] project kept growing, Toon wanted to be involved in that project. Toon participated on the mailing list and when he was getting into SHA256 support[2] he managed to get his first changes merged.

[1]: git-scm.com [2]: git-scm.com/docs/hash-function-transition

f9a9597 skill: Advanced C++ course


After a few years Toon got the opportunity to follow a three-day Advanced C++ course. This was really insightful to learn about the internals of iterators and traits and what not.

C++11 was around the corner, and there was plenty exciting stuff coming to the language.

38d1aa4 skill: Use C/C++ professionally


At his first job Toon worked in C++. His job was building software for an embedded Linux payment terminal device. These applications were written in C++, but his job also involved bits of plain C when working on GNU/Linux kernel drivers.

953a905 skill: Programming in C++


C++ was the first real programming language Toon was thaught in school. A pretty advanced language to get started with, but it thaught him a lot about programming in general.

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