17c3c5e (job/gitlab) Transition to Gitaly team


5bf285f job: Promoted to Senior Backend Engineer


After years of hard work Toon's efforts were recognized with a promotion to Senior Backend Engineer.

225e784 achievement: Contribute to the migration to GCP


In 2018 GitLab decided to migrate from Azure to GCP. GitLab Geo played a key role in this migration. It allowed us to have a hot standby in GCP, so the migration could happen with a minimal on downtime.

Many skilled people, including Toon as one of the experts on the Geo team, made the migration happen as smooth as possible.

[1]: about.gitlab.com/blog/2018/06/25/moving-to-gcp/

3296a7e job: Transition to GitLab Geo team


After working in the Platform team, Toon moved to the Geo team. That team is responsible of building a Geo-distributed solution into GitLab. With GitLab Geo customers can install GitLab at their different offices and have them synchronize data between those installations. This allows their employees to have quick access to everything to do their job.

f342b8e achievement: Lead introduction of API v4


Toon was responsible of the maintenance of the REST API, and he led the path to introduce API v4. All deprecations and breaking changes we wanted to make had to happen in the upcoming major release GitLab v9.0.

96f6cb8 job: Start at GitLab as Backend Developer


Toon started in the so-called Platform team at GitLab. That team was responsible for Git operations, Merge Requests, and more.

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